The Best Little Friend You Can Have

When I was in school, as an older student, the instructor called upon her class to partner with one other person to do a team-work assignment.  There was a wickedly pretty redheaded bitch in the back of the room who lived in her  own world. You can imagine how painful teamwork must have been for her.  As I recall, she frequently got away with doing her own thing without flack from the instructor. Anyone who could work with her would be picked off as prey.

I was an older student. I thought of myself as kinda hip, but no, not really.  My botox injections were not hiding anything. My frozen features appeared expressionless at times, which was perhaps a scare factor.

There were two older men left in the room, walking towards each other, but before they could seal their partnership, I made a desperate maneuver to get between them. I eagerly said, “let’s be a threesome!”  To my relief, they agreed. 

One of them seemed a bit quirky, overly organized and creative. The other was an aging surfer with a trust fund.  This surfer was more interested in film making and was preoccupied with the friends he was making in those other classes. He stood us up for most, actually all, of the assignment.  My assumptions proved out in the assessment of the other one – he has a lot of talent, vision and sense of adventure.

Roger Rodger and I became fast friends. We’re such good friends that when people ask if we are an item, it becomes a shouting contest between us to see who can say “no” the loudest. No doubt he views me as an oddball which makes for a good liaison. We always managed to get out of town on weekends for our assignments.   We could clock 350 miles in our shooting day, pull into West Los Angeles around one in the morning and as we unloaded the over-stuffed car (because we traveled with a lot of gear), I’d say, hey, let’s do this again tomorrow and he’d say yes.

One day, he was playing with his new Singh Ray Warm polarizer. “Come on,” he’d say, “put it on your camera and play.  I said go to hell, take your toys and go play with yourself.  I have my big important photography assignment to work on.  “Oh come on… Oh come on, “ he said as he reached into his pocket and said, “Okay, here, I bought one for you.” That’s Roger, for ya!

I was dumbfounded.  We’re not talking about amazon basics!  This week, as I chime in (don’t look for me every day), we’re going to be talking about Singh Ray filters and maybe some other filters. 

I’m going to be talking about my school days and some of these characters might crop up…. Definitely Roger, perhaps his fascination with the redhead. Yes, “pretty” she definitely was … except for that personality she carried around like a sack of lead balls.

More later!  Enjoy your day


Standing inside of a giant Sequoia tree, split by fire, in a grove somewhere off the map, likely Tulare County, California
Canon 5dm2, 24-105 USM IS lens, 24mm, 1/30 sec, f4.0, ISO 400