How Does Your Garden Grow?

It is the planting season. I live in container gardens, but there are a few things that I love to throw into the ground. Herbs grow like weeds. I’ve been trying to trim back my sage for years, but it comes back, breaking through the challenges of a cold winter. If I cut a sprig and bring it indoors, the scent is heavenly. Thyme is another favorite. I make sure that it graces my garden. Marjoram is harder to find these days. My guess is that it is an old school planting, but the flavor is so well worth it when it can be found freshly home grown. I will continue my search for seeds.

When the onions I buy in the store begin to sprout, it’s time to throw them into the ground. Waste nothing!

Tomatoes are always started in the nursery. My grandparents could grow them from seed, but I have never been so lucky. Cilantro is trickier to grow, but fresh tomatoes scream out for it.

Oh how these savory flavors blend into an old style Italian or Mexican meal. Polenta? Tamale? Either/Or — I’m already hungry. Farm fresh means it came out of your soil! Enjoy.