I could eat cheesecake everyday, all day long. Give me anything creamy and I’m in heaven. When we’re trying to unload extra pounds and feeling deprived counting calories, here’s a low cal option that satisfies the “dreamy creamies” for breakfast or lunch. It’s a bowl full of high protein with a snap of healthy carb. If your goal is to eat healthy and need a little healthy fat, add some shaved almonds or chopped walnuts.

Let’s dig in.

Half cup low fat or no fat Greek yogurt
Half cup skim milk (lowered fat) Ricotta cheese
1/2 tsp amaretto or vanilla (to taste)
A squirt of liquid stevia (to taste)
Fresh or frozen fruit

Mix together the yogurt, Ricotta, amaretto or vanilla and stevia.
Top with fresh fruit or defrosted frozen fruits
If you like a warm/cold combo, microwave the frozen fruit and top it warm over the cream combo.


I can’t count your calories for you. Because additions of ingredients or the amount of food you wish to serve as a portion changes the overall count. Please follow the serving sizes on food containers.